Massage Prices

30 Minutes . . . . . . $40
45 Minutes . . . . . . $60
60 Minutes  . . . . . . $80
75 Minutes . . . . . . $100
90 Minutes  . . . . .  $120
120 Minutes . . . . .  $160

Add Hot Stones $15             
Add a Moist Heat Pack  $10

Relaxation & Pain Relief for Women
Relaxation & Pain Relief for Women
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Massage Services

Swedish Massage - The goal of Swedish massage is to relax the whole body.  Light to medium pressure is used to ease tension and stiffness, improve circulation, remove toxins and increase flexibility.  Includes hot towels for face, hands and feet, as well as scented or plain massage oil at no extra charge!

Deep Tissue Massage is used when you are experiencing pain and soreness.  Deeper pressure and detailed work on specific areas of the body release knotted tissue and promote healing and pain relief.  Those who are chronically stressed, recovering from injury or physically active will benefit from the deeper work.

Trigger Point Massage is used to treat chronic muscle pain.  When deep tissue massage is not enough, isolated pressure is used at the source of the pain.

Prenatal Massage helps to increase general well being and decrease discomforts normally related with pregnancy.  Soothing Swedish techniques are used to relieve headache, backache, anxiety, leg cramps, sleeplessness and more.  Extra support is provided in a side-lying position for comfort and safety.  Improve your pregnancy experience with massage. If you have any complications related to your pregnancy, please consult your doctor prior to scheduling a massage. 

Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate experience in relaxation massage. Heated stones are strategically placed on the body so the heat will penetrate deeply creating a sedative effect on the nervous system, increased circulation for healing and release of tension in the muscles The hot stones are then used to massage the body. Not recommended for those with high blood pressure, pregnant, diabetes or those whose conditions are worsened by heat treatments.  

Chair Massage is given in a specially designed chair with client fully clothed. Normally, the focus in on the head, neck and back for 30 minutes or less.  However,  you may request more time and have work done on your arms and legs as well.  This is the perfect solution when you are short on time (like a lunch break) or if you just prefer a "clothed" massage.  The prices on this page are for massage performed at Hope For You Massage. 

Most Massages Include Aromatherapy Plus
Hot Towels for the Hands, Feet & Face!
Relaxation & Pain Relief for Women

Buy 5 Massages - Get One Free!

Wellness Series

Six 60 Minute Massages      $400   (Reg. $480)
Six 90 Minute Massages      $600    (Reg. $720)
Six 120 Minute Massages     $800   (Reg. $960)

No Expiration Date  
May be shared between multiple people
For Women Only
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