Rebirth Reiki

Welcome to a new kind of wellness.

Hope for You Massage is partnering with Rebirth Reiki to provide healing to your mind, body, and spirit. Using ancient techniques from both Eastern and Western healing traditions, we provide you with the most holistic approach to your well-being.

Reiki is the Japanese word for the Holy Spirit. Rei means universal and Ki means spirit. It is the Divine energy that is ever-present, ergo, the Holy Spirit. Reiki is the process of channeling this Divine healing energy through oneself and into those who are in need of it. As Reiki practitioners we revoke any claim to the healing, we are simply the channel for the Holy Spirit to move through. 

We use a mixture of breathing techniques, mental visualization, and sacred mantras to tune and energize your chakras or energy centers. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. They are spinning energy vortexes (wheels) that vitalize different parts of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

​Pairing Reiki with massage is the perfect way to expedite your healing and keep you well balanced and protected from the stresses of our day to day lives. Book an appointment with us today and experience the many benefits for yourself!
"I've been giving massages for the last 8 years, and working for the spa for the last five years. It is by far the best spa I have worked at, and it always attracts the nicest customers. You couldn't dream up a more tranquil environment."
- Stacy Adams
 (massage therapist)
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Before or after your massage, there's nothing better than relaxing in natural hot springs water. Experience the luxury of Serenity Spa!
If you would like to book the main pool for parties, please phone ahead and we'll be glad to assist you. 

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